HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences

HAAGA-HELIA is one of the largest Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland with more than 10,500 students. HAAGA-HELIA is fully licensed and programmes are accredited by Finland’s Ministry of Education.

HAAGA-HELIA recognizes needs and changes in the current and future business environments, offering its students experience of business life and helping students and companies to find each other. HAAGA-HELIA graduates are forerunners, mastering both practical skills and having an understanding of the relevant theoretical bases.

With more than 1,000 international students the study environment is truly international and multi-cultural. The lecturers are all experts in their fields with extensive theoretical background and work experience in a wide variety of industries.

Modern facilities and state of the art technology provide a perfect setting for a relaxed and informal study atmosphere.

HAAGA-HELIA’s main campus is located in Helsinki, the vibrant capital of Finland. The quality of education is high and the degree programmes are specialized and unique.